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Her World, Creative Collection

Created by Her Place, Any Region, Her World, Creative Collections is an eclectic compilation brought together by 33 amazing women from around the world!

Composed of poetry, book excerpts, photography, art, personal reflections and prose, Her World showcases the depth of the female mind!

Like a treasure book of life read through these women's stories and passions as each share a glimpse of 'Her World'!

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Waves of Grace by Anna Grace

 Anna, born and raised in Southern Australia, has a passion for the ocean and goodness. Anna is a gifted physical hands on healer, having trained at the  Upledger Institute in Craniosacral Therapy.
Read through this beautiful collection of prose and poetry which bring luminosity to Anna's empathetic insights into human nature.   

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Now available on Amazon, Kindle, and  Ingram Sparks/Lightning Source!

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Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick

Gypsy NoMad Hippie Chick' is a woman's journey through homelessness and heartbreak, with comical moments, crazy adventures and a search for self. Read about 'her'- a woman who could be any woman, and the depth of her heart and she 'rewrites' her life.

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Now Available on Amazon, Kindle, and Ingram Sparks/Lightening Source!

or Purchase Now for $19.95!

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